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Wk8 Training Plan

Week 8 is an easy week… which means no ‘long runs’… the most I’ll have in the plan is 8 miles.  🙂 Mon: AM: 4.3M PM: Swim Session 2 / Circuits Tue: AM: 5.1M PM: Double Spinfit Wed: PM: 8M … Continue reading

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Wk7 – 20.1M marathon training & Hitting the Wall

Saturday morning and I wasn’t looking forward to what the weather was meant to be bringing.  Cold (1’C) rain from the West and snow…  And we got it all.  I wrapped up warm as I knew we’d be out for … Continue reading

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20M canal loop route marathon training

Here is the (20 mile) route I have planned for Saturday morning, in a way… the numbers are all back to front as I pulled the route from someone else…

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Water & Hydration…

Too often water is an afterthought, and yet no nutrient is more vital or neccessary in as great amounts.  Maintaining proper hydration is an essential part of healthy living.  Every day we lose 2-3 litres of water through urinition, sweating … Continue reading

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Wk7 – 9.59M with Gemma

Wednesday night run was a bit different than normal… my friend from Uni Gemma arranged that we go out for a 6 mile run after work.  I met her at the BBC when it was still light and took her … Continue reading

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My Fit Friend…

I have a rather fit friend… Fit Girl we’ll call her. Fit Girl exercises 4-5 times a week: she runs, spins and gyms it and always takes things in her stride.  She’s extremely positive and works hard to achieve her … Continue reading

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Wk7 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night was straight to Spin as usual after work. I wasn’t booked in for the first class as it was full when we tried to book it, but surprise surprise there were about 5 empty bikes!! Annoying. Nevermind. My … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency…

When I run on my own, all these long distances and early morning runs, I tend to run with my iPod and Garmin and occasionally my little tiny camera.  I never take any money with me (might put a fiver … Continue reading

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Running Long…

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Wk7 – 4.3M Maxwell Park Easy

Tuesday morning and it was an effort to go for a run.  My calves are still tight from Saturday’s long fast run.  But I’m pretty sure the run this morning was good for them. It seemed slower than normal, and … Continue reading

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