Wk9 Training Plan

Lets see if I can stick to this plan this week:

MON: PM – 2M easy run, 45 mins circuits, 2M easy run
TUES: AM – 4.3M in town, PM – Double Spinfit (not Helen)
WED: PM – 45 mins Circuits, 2500m Swim (Session 2)
THU: AM – 7M speed: 1M warm up, 1M fast, 1M recovery, 1M fast, 1M recovery,1M fast, 1M cool down.
FRI: Rest
SAT: 18M long (hills, Houston)
SUN: Rest

I think I’ll try a wee new route this week… up into town early in the morning up to Argyll Street, Sauchihall Street and down Buchanan Street.  🙂

4.3M in town

4.3M in town

Today I am absolutley STARVING!!  I’ve eaten so much already and I’ve been hungry for most of the day.  That’s after three days of rest then 650 calories burnt running and about 950 calories burnt teaching swimming yesterday…. :-/

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