Wk9 – 3.6M run, 45 min Bodyweight circuits & Gremlins

Monday night, I went straight to Bellahouston after work to meet a friend for a run. I’d been feeling hungry for most of the day, and I got my mid afternoon dip about 3pm. I met Paul just after I got changed… nice to see him again.  🙂

I wasn’t feeling the best though and the little gremlins in my head, the ‘excuse gremlins’ started talking to me … ‘you don’t really want to do a run’, ‘you’re tired’, ‘it’d be better if you rested’.

But I’d arranged to meet a friend and I had all my stuff with me in my car. I went in and got changed without listening to the gremlins, then when I was waiting around for my friend I started hearing them. ‘it’s cold’, ‘you’re tired’.

I quickly replied to the gremlins with positive answers, ‘I’ll feel better after a run’, ‘it’s a beautiful night, nice and light for once’, ‘I rested 3/7 days last week and today is the start of a new week’.

We started our run, and it was good right from the start. The night was beautiful, light and clear skies. We ran INSIDE Bella park for the first time since about october. It was great.

Lots of dogs, lots of people. Up hills, down hills. We ran for just over 3.6 miles or 33 minutes. Nice n easy. Comfortable with good chat.

Run: 3.62M, 32:29, Pace: 8:48, Calories: 370.
Ave HR: 133 (70%) Max HR: 162 (85%)
I’ve managed to run more than 250 miles in 2 months this year so far!! 😀

After the run my friend went home but I had a 45 minute circuits session planned. I was nicely warmed up, and got a good kick from the run. But once I stopped the I started hearing the little gremlins again. ‘you feel sick’, ‘you need your dinner’, ‘you’ve done enough today’.

‘Ha!! Shut it gremlin!! Lorn, get on with it.’ I went into the small function suite in Bella and started my 45 minutes if circuits. A nice empty room all to myself and my iPod with my tabata app and my music. Away from the smelly gym which I’ve hardly been in this year (2 months in)!

10 exercises, 6 reps of each, 30:15 secs work:rest.


I found the press ups, plank walk ups and mountain climbers tough. And about half way through I heard a little gremlin again telling me I’d done enough. But I shut my ears to it and kept going, determined to finish.

I’m not sure why the little gremlins come to me every now and again. But tonight I beat them, and did two good workouts. 😀

Roll on the rest of this week!

What about you? Do you hear the little Gremlins when your plan is to train?  How do you beat them?  Or do they win? :-O

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