Wk8 – 10k Time Trial (2)

Sunday of week 8, the rest and recovery week and it was a gorgeous Spring morning. I figured after 3 days rest it would be a good time to do my 4 weekly 10k time trial. Covering most of the women’s 10k route it should give me an idea of how I’m doing with my running.

It was a little chilly, but the sun was splitting the skies. Time for shorts and sunglasses I think.  And time to leave the buff (for my ears) at home.

The thought of running this fast today was a little daunting… I’d done it last time at the end of January in the morning before work and just ran as fast as I could. I felt great after it.  Averaging 7:27 minute miles (8mph) I finished in 46:22, my PB for the distance.

Today I think I maybe started out too fast… finished the first mile in 7:19 (8.2 mph) and felt it after mile 3… my breathing was laboured and I felt almost like I had a stitch at parts… I had to really think about my breathing and powered on through.   At 3.1 miles, halfway I was 23:15 so on target for 46:30, but I knew I’d run the first mile fast so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get that.

I was spitting a lot, probably dehydrated from not drinking enough over the last few days…. but still managed to push on mile 5 and 6 to finish in 46:36, 7:29 minute miles.  14 seconds slower than last time, but really just 2 seconds a mile slower than last time.

I felt like I’d really worked hard this time, but maybe it’s just because I started out too fast at the start and needed a bit more of a warm up to get into the run.

My heart rate was very similar to the last time, which was interesting considering how much harder I felt this one was.  It was probably harder because I put the pressure on myself to try and beat that previous time..and knew I probably wouldn’t.

I took a wrong turn after Maxwell Drive which meant I had to add a wee extra bit to make it up to 6.2 miles at the end.  I ran down Albert Drive instead of running onto Aytoun Drive like I should have done at about the 5 mile mark.  Never mind.  🙂

Oh and I’ve reached 1500 miles on my nike plus thingy!! :-O  50 miles or so until I get to the purple level!

All good anyway.  🙂  Looking forward to week 9 of my marathon training next week.

Run: 10k, 46:36, Pace: 7:29, 8.0mph, Calories: 647.
Ave HR: 167 (88%), Max HR: 180 (95%)
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 6 weeks.
340 mile challenge: 197 miles completed, 143 miles to go.

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