Weight loss through running…

So… some of you may hate me for writing this… but I’m now at the lightest I’ve been since I can remember. 126lbs or 9 stone.

I started running in June 2008 when I was 147lbs (10 st 7) and since then I’ve lost 21 lbs.  And since July 10 when I was quite happy being 135lbs (9st 9) I’ve lost 9lbs.  July was when I started training to run longer distances and it’s paid off with my weight.

My ideal weight, based on the BMI scale should be between:

End of Scale   BMI   Weight
Min                  18.5    114 lbs / 8 st 2
Ideal(middle) 21.75  134 lbs / 9 st 8
Max                 25      155 lbs / 11st 1

I got to my ideal weight in December 2008 after almost 6 months of working hard at it.  And since then I’ve just kept an eye on it. 

Over last year I burned a heap of calories weekly, and this year so far I’ve been burning lots of calories … an average of nearly 5,000 calorie a week with a max of 7,300 calories in one week (wk6).

Not just one for obsessing about weight… I’ve also kept a track of my body fat and have seen it go from 29.5% in June 2008  down to 21.1% this morning.

You’ll hate me when I say I’m not trying to lose weight, and I’m eating a lot when I do eat… but all this running an exercising really does work to shift the lbs!!

My running book ( The Competitive Runner’s Handbook by Bob Glover ) suggests the following ideals for ‘performance weight for runners’:

Height   Target Weight     Weight Range             Body Fat
5’6″        120 lbs / 8st 8    108 – 132 (7st 10 – 9st 6)      20-23%

The fat percentage is based on a classification of a Novice, Intermediate and basic competitor which I think I’d class myself as. (The next one up is Advanced & Champion runners: 17-20%).

So at 126lbs with 21% body fat, I’m pretty close to my ideal weight and I’m sure the closer I get to 120lbs the easier it will be to shift myself along the marathon course.  We’ll see what happens over the next few months.

I’m very happy with how I am just now, light enough to know that I feel good, and heavy enough to know that I have some reserves if need be.

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