Wk8 – Double Spinfit

Usual Tuesday night – straight from work to Bellahouston for double Spinfit with Helen.

I had a bit of a sore head when I started, thruogh maybe not eating enough snacks at work.  I managed to plough some snacks into me in my last half hour at work and after work, and drank some water so it seemed to clear half way through the first class.  Good job too.

Helen decided that we’ve been doing the same tracks for too long now and mixed the workouts about a bit.  A bit more strength, more hills and more running.  Ouch.

Then for the second class she put on old tunes… some we knew and some we didn’t.  It was a good change anyway.

Spinfit 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 135 (71%), Calories: approx 500
Spinfit 2: 45 mins Ave HR: 130 (68%), Calories: approx 500
Max HR: 158 (83%)

Good bit of cross training and some hard work involved.  I was glad when it was over.

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