Wk8 – 5.1M Queens Park Tempo (PB!)

Monday morning and at 5:30am I was woken by the heating coming on and I thought… why is the heating coming on at 5:30am on a Sunday?!  Then I realised Sunday had been and gone and it was in fact Monday.  😦

I knew I had a morning run planned, and decided I’d try a 5 mile run instead of the normal easy 4.3 miles.  When I got out I felt so good, I ran a PB for the route I do up to Queens Park and back (and for 5 miles)! 38:48!

The weather was cold, about 1’C and rain and sleet were forecast.  About half way round it started to rain lightly, and it was damn cold rain. 

My hands have been feeling cold in this weather, so I decided I’d get myself a wee thin pair of nike gloves.  I know that I won’t wear them all the time, but if they keep my hands warm for at least some of a run they’re worth it.

I wasn’t really paying attention to my pace on my Garmin until I realised I had run 10 minutes into the route and I was further along than I normally am.  (My ipod tells me when I’m 5, 10, 15 etc minutes in.)

Half way round after the small hill up around Queens Park the rain started to come down a little more heavy, but it was still only spitting so that you could just see it in the car headlights an no more.  I picked up the pace and finished the 5 miles as follows:

 That route is a good route… it climbs slightly from the start up to about half way as you run away from the Clyde, then on your way home, you run downhill and pick up momentum without really realising it.   Oh, and when I finished, Lance Armstrong came on my ipod to tell me I’d run my fastest mile yet!  🙂

The other times I’ve run the route the times varied from just over 40 minutes to almost 44 minutes.  In fact… almost a year ago I ran the route in 43:47… and I’ve now run it 5 minutes faster!!!  That’s some improvement and I’m pretty pleased with that!  😀 One whole minute mile off my pace although I maybe wasn’t trying to run fast when I did it in March last year.

Run: 5.07M, 38:48,  Pace: 7:39, 7.9mph, Calories: 533.
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 183 (96%)
340 mile challenge: 182.8 miles completed, 157.2 miles to go.
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 6 weeks 6 days.

Jackie called me speedy gonazalez when I text her to let her know, but I prefer Road Runner… meep meep!  😛

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