Energy & Hydration for 13.1M & 26.2M

I’ve been considering my plan for energy intake and hydration for the half marathon and marathon I’ll be doing.

I’ll of course be taking my water pack with me on both runs… 1 – 1.5 litres of water.

Here’s the content of the energy gels / sports drinks I’ll be taking:

Caffiene gels: 22g carbs, 50mg caffeine
Caffeine Lucozade: 22mg carbs, 80mg caffeine
Normal gels: 22g carbs
Normal Lucozade: 32g carbs

Here’s the energy plan for the half marathon:

1 500mls Caffeine Lucozade 1 hour before I start (8am)
1 Caffeine Gel at start (8:55am)
1 Caffeine Gel 6 miles in (9:50am)
1 Normal Gel 9 miles in (10:15am)
1 500mls Normal Lucozade & Banana at Finish (10:45am)

And for pace, I’ll maybe aim for:

Miles 1-6: 7.3 mph (8:15 pace)
Miles 6-10: 7.4 mph (8:06 pace)
Miles 10-13.1: 7.5 mph (8:00 pace)
Total: 1:46:54, 7.3mph (8:10 pace)

It’ll be slower than last years time for the course (1:42) but hopefully I’ll be strong all the way to the end and can maybe even push it a little faster over the last 3.1 miles.

And for the marathon:

1 Caffeine Lucozade an hour or so before. (maybe)
1 Caffeine Gel just before start.

3.1 miles – 1 Caffeine Gel
7.1 miles – 1 Caffeine Gel
13.1 miles – 1 Caffeine Gel
19.1 miles – 1 Normal Gel
23.1 miles – 1 Normal gel
26.2 miles

1 Normal Lucozade after it and lots of food.  I’ll maybe carry sport beans too just incase… 😀

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