Wk7 – 9.59M with Gemma

Wednesday night run was a bit different than normal… my friend from Uni Gemma arranged that we go out for a 6 mile run after work.  I met her at the BBC when it was still light and took her around Nithsdale Road and St Andrews Drive and back to the BBC.

That was 6 miles, then I offered to run her home to near the bottom of Byres Road…so I ended up running 9.5 miles (unplanned). 🙂

It’s kind of put my plan for the week out.. I was meant to do a 6 mile tempo run this morning, but I decided that would be stupid and if I really want to do that then I can do it on Friday morning.  Swim tonight I think and maybe some circuits if I fancy it.

We had to stop a few times for traffic, but I didn’t mind as it meant more time chatting.  We got some good chat and it’s good to see Gemma fit as ever.  It was good to catch up too… I love running and chatting with friends. 😀

Gemma is planning on running the Grand Canyon (24 miles of it) in June so I was passing on some of my knowledge to her about how to increase training to be able to run 24 miles and gave her a wee training plan to go by as a guide. Knowing her she won’t stick to it religiously, but it might be a good guide for her.

We did 10k in about 57 mins and 7.3 miles in 1 hour 8 (but we had a few minutes stopped I’m sure).  I dropped Gemma at Morrisons and went in to try and show her energy gels…but they didn’t have any, so here is Gemma with a bottle of lucozade. lol.  She is as crazy as ever and I love her for it.

I went home and had some poached eggs on toast and a wee bowl of cereal.

And guess what?  I’ve had a bowl of porridge already this morning and I’m STARVING again 2 hours later!

Run: 9.59 miles, 1:27:58, Pace: 9:10, Calories:  987
Ave HR: 137 (72%), Max HR: 156 (82%)
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 7 weeks, 4 days
340 mile challenge: 156.7 miles completed, 183.2 miles to go.

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