Wk7 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night was straight to Spin as usual after work. I wasn’t booked in for the first class as it was full when we tried to book it, but surprise surprise there were about 5 empty bikes!! Annoying.

Nevermind. My calves were STILL sore from my run fast 22 mile run on Saturday. Not ideal – serves me right for running fast on a long run!

I tried to give what I could in the first class and worked pretty hard…although I didn’t put the resistance up as I usually would. Then by the time the second class came around I really didn’t feel like it so had a stretch and a breather before it.

Helen does a mix / strength track where you take all of your weight in your legs and stand up, pedalling at the same time, slowly. It is a killer!! Then just as you think you can’t go on, you do ‘jumps’ where you go into the saddle for 4 beats and up for 4… it’s welcome restbite from the pain of the strength bit. Then at the end when the resistance been turned up she gets you to stand tall again and pedal faster. I absolutely hate it, but I know it’s good for me and a good challenge. She always ribs me about keeping my shoulders back, and I try to I really do.

10 minutes in and I was just waiting for it to all be over… she even caught me skiving and I admitted it. lol

By the time the second mix/strength track came around I was nearly dying… but I was thinking how good I’d feel after it and how strong I have become since only being able to do one class before being knackered (a while ago now!)

I wasn’t so much of a crumpled sweaty mess as usual at the end, but I had worked hard and burned around 1050 calories.

It’s good to cross train from running and I’m sure it helps stengthen my legs for running all these long distances!

Spin 1: Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 157 (83%)
Spin 2: Ave HR: 131 (70%)

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