My Fit Friend…

I have a rather fit friend… Fit Girl we’ll call her. Fit Girl exercises 4-5 times a week: she runs, spins and gyms it and always takes things in her stride. 

She’s extremely positive and works hard to achieve her goals and get to where she wants to be.  She inspires others to work hard and brings out the best in people with her positive attitude and friendly manner.

Fit Girl has a weekly exercise routine but doesn’t mind if it needs to be mixed about and she likes to take rest days where she enjoys the other sides of her life.

She started running about the time that I did (2008 ish), and has run many 10k – 7 mile distances with me and has run the women’s 10k a few times too.

Fit Girl eats well, in that she eats healthily, but doesn’t mind the odd chinese or chip roll as part of a varied diet.

She is about 5’3″ with a slight frame and has a very athletic/slim body type.  Her BMI is probably under 19, but her low weight suits her and I think she looks fitter than anyone I know.

Fit Girl trains hard in the gym, has a good weights routine and mixes things about to shock her body into becoming the best it can be.  She works hard in the gym and in spin, and enjoys it when she’s out running.

About a year ago, Fit Girl was struck down with injury.  Her IT Band (Illiotibial Band) gave her problems when she was running.  She was running downhill one day and her knee suddenly got very sore so that she had to stop.  I’ve had the injury so I know how it feels, intense pain which makes you unable to run, but it tends to clear up when you walk.

She’s had physio after physio appointment, she’s rested it, iced it, compressed it and elevated it.  She’s been comprehensive in the treatment she’s given it.  She’s been to the Dr and the physio and both haven’t come up with anything to prevent the injury recurring.

A year later and sometimes her IT band is ok, then sometimes it flares up after a 10 minute run.  It means that she is either stuck on a treadmill or needs to do loops of short runs to make sure she doesn’t get stranded when her IT band flares up.

It’s limited her in that she feels she can’t run for long distances incase it goes and she has to walk back.  It’s happened to her, she knows how bad it can be, stuck 3 miles from home knowing that her only way back is to walk.

She’s tried everything to try and get over the injury (straps, R.I.C.E, physio, strength exercises, power plate etc) and has just been referred to an Orthopedics department in the local hospital.

We were all injured last year and we dressed up as little red riding hood (Fit Girl), the Wolf (me), Grandma (Fiona) and the Woodchopper (Jackie)…and we raised nearly £500 for Parkinsons.  We had a great time but deep down it was annoying that we couldn’t run the 10k like we wanted to.

Despite her IT band injury, Fit Girl still exercises: cross training when she needs to, or persevering with running with the hope that the IT band injury will clear up.  She tries not to let it get her down and is hoping the doctor will be able to give her the answer to her injury.

I hope he does too.  She is an inspiration at how hard she works, how fit she is and how well she does and I just wish this annoying IT Band injury would go away for her so she could get on and complete some more of her running goals!!

See an update here:

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