In Case of Emergency…

When I run on my own, all these long distances and early morning runs, I tend to run with my iPod and Garmin and occasionally my little tiny camera. 

I never take any money with me (might put a fiver in the tongue of my trainer), and if anything were to happen to me I don’t have any thing on me to identify me or let people know who to contact.

So, on Saturday before my long run, I taped a little bit of paper to the back of my iPod. 

It has my:

  • Name
  • Post code
  • Date of birth
  • And a few contact numbers of people close to me who might be able to help. 

I must be getting sensible in my old age. 😉  And I’ll always take my iPod with me when I run on my own so it’s the best place for it.  😀

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