Wk6 – 22M marathon training

Saturday morning and it was ideal conditions for a run.  It had rained most of Saturday night and at 8am it was about 4’C and a little humid but no rain.  I had planned to run at 8, but after having my breakfast and caffeine lucozade and getting ready, I left the flat at 8:30am.

I put my iPod on and played my songs I got together for the half marathon in September last year.  It was playing in order of Artist, so A-Ha first, Afrojack, Amy Macdonald and so on.  I took my wee camera with me, had my Garmin and my water pack along with three energy gels for the run.

I ran from the flat along Govan Road, down to Lorne Street and onto the National Cycle Network route 75.  The plan was to follow it for 11 miles and turn back again.  I was running on my own for the first time in ages for a long run, and I decided I would use it as a ‘see what I can do run’ so that I can judge what pace I’m going to run for the marathon.

I had said after the last time, that I was going to run the marathon at a slower pace of about 8:30 – 8:35 minute miles, considering the last time I bombed at 22 miles and found the last 4 miles a struggle.  Not to mention the pain in my legs straight after and for a few days after. But as usual, I started out comfortably at just over an 8 minute mile.  And I’m glad to say I was able to hold that pace for the whole run. 🙂

I had planned that I would run 18 miles at a steady pace, then try and run stronger and faster in the last 4 miles… something I’m glad that worked!  My pace times were similar to the last 26.2 miles I did, only this time they were more steady and I felt I could finish comfortably.

5k: 26 mins, 10k: 51:30, Half way: 1:48, 20M: 2:44, 22: 3:00.  I was really pleased that I’d managed to up the pace for the last 4 miles of the long distance and managed to finish the distance overall faster than in November up Loch Lomond.  And my calves are a little sore after, but no where near as bad as from Loch Lomond.  And this route (today) was definitely more hilly!

My heart rate was similar throughout both runs (average 82%) and now I need to consider what pace I will aim for at the marathon in April.  A pace of 8:11 will give me a finish time of 3:34… perhaps I could go for 8:15 on the day? :-O

Anyway, the run on Saturday was pleasant…. I was keeping an eye on my pace to make sure I wasn’t going too fast.  I ran along Clifton Street and saw the sign 7 mile to Paisley, then ran over the footpath over the M8.  There’s a nice bit of off road track which takes you to Dumbreck Road, but the last bit is a bit steep to go down (and steep to go back up!).  I ran into the wrong entrance of Pollock Park, then realised a few seconds later and turned back along Dumbreck Road.

I ran into Pollock Park and along the dreaded hill that is part of the women’s 10k.  I must be crazy as I actually like running it.  It’s up and down about two times, so although there are ups, there are also downs which make it ok.  Then along and into the deepest darkest forrest and out to Corkerhill Road.  Up the nice and quiet Linthaugh Road then along the White Cart Water.

It was there that I saw Stanley the squirrel and stopped to take a photo… but he was too quick.  Then I ran along a bit and saw Lucy the squirrel but I decided I’d use a photo of a squirrel I already had. 😛  Nice to see them out anyway. 😉  They do make me laugh and take my mind off things.

I ran along the bike route to Paisley and up the hill into a park with a slight hill then down to Paisley Canal Railway Station and along. About 10 miles in I passed a man with a blue carrier bag and when I passed I realised the fag he was smoking was not just a normal fag… I got a strong whiff of hash and kept going.  I got to the bridge me and Julie Ann turned around at the last time we ran along this route and I passed him again.  This time he was swigging back from a large bottle of buckfast…at about 10am!  😀  Each to their own!

At about 14 miles in before I got back to the part where Stanley and Lucy had been, an Edwin Starr song came on… 25 miles to go.  I was starting to feel a little tired and my feet were sore.  I was about to fast forward the song as it’s so cheesy…but then I got into it and it picked me up something silly.  It’s just so cheesy, and the words pretty much matched how I was feeling at the time.  It really picked me up and made me laugh out loud.  Lucky no one else was about!!  You can see mile 13 was one of my slowest miles, then after that I pick up a bit. 😀  Thanks Edwin.

After that I got to 18 miles just inside Pollock Park, up and down the hills, which made my 18th mile not as fast as I’d planned, but I managed to pick up the next 3 miles home.  I’d got to ‘E’ in the alphabet on my playlist and I now had about 6 Eminem songs to keep me going!  It made me realise it would be good to get a new playlist together of all my good songs for the marathon.

I’m not sure if having Eminem on for the last half hour was a good thing or a bad thing having him shouting and swearing in my ear.  But I did the job anyway.  I finished in just over 3 hours having run the last 3 miles under 8 minute miles.  I was very pleased with myself.

When I finished I stretched off my calves and felt pretty out of breath after the last 3 miles going all out.

Energy & Hydration: Before I left I had a bowl of porridge and a caffeine lucozade to start me off.  Then I had a litre of water in my water pack.  I took 3 energy gels, 2 caffeine ones (my favourite SIS ones) and a tropical SIS one.  I took the energy gels at 6 miles, 12 miles and 17.5 miles and drank water as and when I needed it. Afterwards I had a tropical lucozade and a banana, and more water along with a baked potato for lunch.

Oh and I got a blister on my right foot… 😦 It’s ok though I’ve fixed it.

Run: 22 miles, 3:00:17, Pace: 8:11, 7.3mph, Calories: 2300!!
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 170 (89%)

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3 Responses to Wk6 – 22M marathon training

  1. Rose says:

    Wow, that’s an impressive run. Love the fact that a cheesy tune managed to get you through that difficult mile. You’ll be blasting that marathon come April if you’re already able to sustain that sort of pace and distance


  2. lornpearson says:

    Hi Rose, thanks for your comment. Your blog is brilliant. Well motivational. 😀 I attmepted the distance of a marathon last November after having run quite a few half marathons and deciding that I needed a bigger challenge. I ran up Loch Lomond for 13.1 miles and back (on my own with my cheesy music!)…so I know I can do it… it’s just nice now to have entered an event! If you’ve got a spare tenner get that book I mentioned, it’s got really good advice and tips in it x

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