Wk6 – 6M Hill repeats in West End

Thursday morning and I had the 5.6 miles including hill reps in the West End planned.  The alarm was set for 6am and I had all my clothes laid out ready to stumble into at that ungodly hour.

I had a small bowl of Special K before I started and was out the door just after 6:30am.  Just outside my frnot door I realised I didn’t have my wee camera to take photos with, but decided I could do without it.

I was wrapped up a little less than normal.  Knee length Nike shorts, my helly hansen warm top and a white nike t-shirt along with my usual buff over my ears.

I put the ‘Running Trax’ album on and ran along Govan Road towards the Squinty Bridge.  The conditions were ideal, not too cold, and it wasn’t raining.  Although I’m pretty sure it had been recently.

The Squinty Bridge was lit up purple and the roads and pavements were pretty quiet with the odd commuter going to work. 

I ran up the steady incline of Finneston, along Argyll Street and right up Kelvin Way.  I missed the right turn to it… doh… but soon realised and corrected my path.

Then I ran up to the bottom of University Avenue and up the very steep Gibson Street.  Who’s idea was this I was thinking!!?  I think it was the steepest and worst hill of the morning.  Once finally at the top I turned right and then ran down Great George Street toward Byres Road.  Left onto Byres Road and up University Avenue.   Then I turned around and did the hills in the opposite direction and ran back home. 

I was glad when the hills were over but I think I maybe could have done them one more time.  I added on a little loop of the Bells Bridge on the way home to make the distance up to 6 miles.  I noticed as I ran back down Kelvin Way the sun was rising and as I ran over the Bells Bridge I got a stunning view of the Squinty Bridge lit up purple with it’s reflection on the Clyde.  Nice.  But guess who forgot her camera!! Doh.  The photo above is an hour and a half later and it’s just not the same! 

A good run anyway!

Run:  6M, 48:53, Pace: 8:04, (7.4 mph), Calories: 629.
Ave HR: 161 (85%), Max HR: 196 (100%).
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 8 weeks 3 days
340 mile challenge: 240.3 miles completed, 99.7 miles to go

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