Wk6 – Double Spinfit

Every three weeks our usual spin fit instructor Helen works backshift so she isn’t able to take our class.  She arranges cover and we usually dread who we are going to get.  But tonight luckily it was Catherine who is very good.

She had a different routine and music for each class and had some different exercises for us to do on the bike from what we’re used to.

The spin bikes at Bella are I don’t know how old and are pretty crappy.  They’ve replaced two bikes with new ones and I got a shot tonight.  It was well worth it and I felt like I worked harder than normal.

Spinfit 1: 45 mins, Ave HR: 143 (75%), Max HR: 165 (87%), Calories 525.
Spinfit 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 140 (74%), Max HR: 160 (84%), Calories 500.

I was sweating like anything as usual and really worked hard.  It was good to get home and have a baked potato and chilli,  Yum.

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