Wk6 Training Plan

Here is my training plan for this week, week 6 of my marathon training:

Mon: Swim Session 1 (2500m)
Tues: AM: 4.3 mile run. PM: Double Spinfit
Wed: AM: 6M West End Hills PM: 45 mins circuits?
Thu: 45 mins circuits, 20-30 mins bike
Fri: Rest
Sat: 20-22 miles
Sun: Rest

I’m going to be a bit cautious with my running as I got a little niggle in my right ankle/outside of my lower leg.  It’s nothing show stopping but I don’t want it to turn into anything nasty.

So I decided I’d rest from running this morning (good thing as the weather was atrocious!)and do an easy 7k run on Tuesday morning instead.

I’ve got 6 miles of hill reps planned for Wednesday morning, then I’m not sure if I’ll do 22 miles or 16 upwards on Saturday.  We’ll see how I get on.

Oh and my Nike+ thingy has been a bit annoying… I lost 6.2 miles (meant to be logged on the nike+ website) the other morning because I forgot my wee chip thing.  Then on Saturday it paused after 2 hours (13.5 miles)…meaning it was 4.5 miles short.  So I’ve missed 10.7 miles for my challenges. :-/ Grrrr.

8 weeks, 6 days to the Lochaber Marathon!

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