‘Lazybones’ or ‘Motivated’?

A month into the year and you may be wondering why you aren’t seeing results of your increased effort as part of your new years resolution.  You may want to give up… well think again and read this:

I used to know a rather large woman who used to live a quarter of a mile from her work… yet she got a taxi to work and always took the lift instead of the (12 steps) stairs to her office.

We’ll call her ‘Lazybones’ for this post.  🙂  Lazybones was fat.  Fatter than I’ve ever seen anyone in fact – perhaps 30 – 40 stone?  She’d had a gastric band fitted a few years prior to me knowing her… but over time she’d somehow managed to teach it to expand with increasing portions.

She couldn’t understand why she was so fat, but didn’t do ANY exercise what so ever and ate many meals a day.  She ate too much and all the wrong stuff and couldn’t understand why she kept piling on the pounds. 

She’d have breakfast before she left the house, would get a taxi to work (which could have been a 5 minute walk) and would always get the lift up to the first floor.  She sat at a desk 8 hours a day, only moving to go for her tea break, lunch break, dinner break and go to the toilet.  She had all day breakfasts in her morning break, a large lunch (with pudding sometimes) and a large dinner with pudding.  Snacking in between of course and wine etc.

Her calorie intake was obscene and she did everything she could to avoid any type of exercise (or movement!).  Lazybones is the epitome of why I feel it is so important to eat well (to sustain) and exercise to be healthy. 

You don’t need to be as crazy as me: exercising 5-6 days a week and running marathons – you just need to be more aware of how a little bit of activity or exercise can help instead of being a ‘Lazybones’.  And the more you exercise, the more you can eat more to fuel it!  But be careful that you don’t over do it.

You don’t need to know all about calories and what’s in what.  Just know what food is good to eat, what food (and drink) is bad and replace bad snacks with good snacks. Watch your portion sizes.  Even change the bowl you eat your cereal out of to a smaller bowl to make you eat less cereal in the morning (it worked for this greedy guts!).   Drink plenty of water, eat fruit, fish and meat.

So, all you need to do is change a few things to become more active, and it might help you lose some pounds if you want to:

  • Walk places instead of taking the car/bus/train.  If the weather is horrible outside, wrap up warm and wear the right stuff. 
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift. 
  • Sign up for an event (walk/run/cycle/swim) in the future and put in the training for it. 
  • Exercise wtih friends – get the crack and feel better after it as well. Do something you enjoy and get a buzz from.
  • Eat a varied diet and snack through out the day (5-6 small portions).
  • Don’t DIET! Just eat heathily and limit the problem food/drinks.
  • Treat yourself with food on occasions, but don’t go overboard.
  • Reduce alcohol intake, perhaps take a month or a week off it?

Lazybones was an extreme case.  I couldn’t believe that she’d got the NHS to pay for her gastric band, and not done anything to change her lifestyle or the way she was.

On the opposite end of the scale, I know a guy, we’ll call him ‘Motivated’.  His weight had slowly increased to 22 stone and when he realised that he couldn’t chase after his young son when he ran away, ‘Motivated’ decided he HAD to do something about it.

He got a gastric band fitted and followed the advice of Drs: eat less and more heathily, and increase activity levels slightly.  He did this until he lost 4 stone as a result.  Now 6 months on he has started a steady introduction into exercising regularly to lose weight.

He’s taking it slow.  With a goal of the men’s 10k in June, he’s building up walking and running for short periods on the treadmill.  He’s also swimming and biking to reduce the stress on his body.  And he’s out playing with his kids more in an effort to shift another 4 stones to get down to his target weight of 14 stones.

‘Motivated’ is doing it right.  He’s signed up for life changing treatment on the NHS, and he’s working hard to overcome the hurdle of excess weight.  Sure he’s finding it hard.  Hard work to fit it in, hard work to make himself get there, but at least he’s doing it.  He’s got the makings of becoming very inspriational and could very easily reap the rewards of his hard work and commitment – he just needs to stick at it.  He’s the total opposite of Lazybones up above.

So – which one are you?  ‘Lazybones’ or ‘Motivated’?

If it’s 4 stone or half a stone you want to lose – simply increase the levels of activity you do and take a look at your diet and you too could lose the weight easily.  

I increased my activity levels and exercised regularly and lost a stone… and now 30 months on I’m 18lbs lighter than when I started!  I’m not aiming to lose anymore weight, but if it happens then I’ll have less weight to carry around the marathon!

I’ve picked two extreme cases here, but the idea is the same.  So for you – no more crash diets, no more starving yourself: just plain old exercise and eating healthy(ish).   Change the little things in your life to increase your activity.

Pick something you enjoy (walk/swim/run etc) and aim to fit it into your life when you can.  Or pick high intensity workouts that work you hard for short periods if you can’t fit it in.

Make it a priority and a habit, and you should lose the weight you want to lose and become happier and healthier as a result.  😀

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