Wk4 – 4.4M Maxwell Park (early)

Monday morning usual Maxwell Park 7k run. This route is becoming very familiar to me now… I’ve run it I don’t know how many times and I still like it.  I managed to get up for 6:30am and out the door for 6:45.  It was dark as usual but not as cold as it had been (4’C).

I wore a warm long sleeved Helly Hansen underlayer, my white long sleeved Saucony top with the light on it, my nike 3/4 trousers, and my buff for my ears.  Towards the end I was pretty warm on top and could have maybe done with wearing a t-shirt under my Saucony top instead of the warm top.  Maybe Winter is on the way out?? Fingers crossed.

As I ran along Terregles Avenue Mr Fox popped out in front of me again… I’ve seen him a few times on this route, always at the same place (and time).  He always crosses towards the railway before I can get close (not that I want to get close to a fox!).  I always say hello Mr Fox though.  🙂

After the long run (16.4 miles) on I decided I would take it easy and just run, not worry about time or speed.  I took the first mile a little slower to warm up then felt myself pick up the pace as I ran.  I’d done 5k in about 25 minutes, then after it I noticed a slight twinge in my right shin.  Just a dull pain, but one that was a little alarming. 

It didn’t stop me running, but I don’t want it to turn into anything nasty.  I kept telling myself as I was running that it wasn’t sore, and it was in my imagination.  But climbing up the stairs to the flat I noticed it, and now I can feel it when I’m rested.  Not ideal.

So I’m going to take my usual rest, Monday night, Tuesday from running and see how it is on Wednesday.  Perhaps delay the Wed run to Thursday morning.

All in all, apart from the twinge it was a good run.  Oh and I forgot to stop my garmin…so it shows 35 something and it was actually 34:15.

Run: 4.39M, 34:15, Pace: 7:47, Calories: 456.
Ave HR: 151 (79%), Max HR: 164 (86%)
340 mile challenge: 62.2 completed, 277.7 to go.

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