Wk3 – Circuits with Kettlebell & Bodyweight

Tonight I had the inevitable ironing and general house stuff to do… but at 8:30pm I decided it was time to fit in my first circuit training of this week in.

11 exercises, 6 reps, 30 secs work: 15 secs rest
Jumping Jacks (30-34)
Squat Jumps (18)
Press Ups (20)
Single Leg Squat (21)
Double Arm Swing (12kg KB – 18)
V Sit Ups (38)
Plank Walk Up (10-11)
Alternating Lunges (16)
Mountain Climbers (30-35)
Double Arm Row (12kg KB – 16)
Romanian Deadlift (26-30)

After about 20 minutes I was finding it hard work but still managed to keep going.  The hard exercises? : Mountain Climbers, Plank Walk Up, Double Arm Swing, Press Ups.   Sweat was dripping off me by the end (esp after the Mountain Climbers which I think will be great leg work for the marathon).  Here’s my heart rate throughout:

KB/BW Circuits: 11 exercises x 6, 30:15, Calories: approx 500.
Ave HR: 122 (64%), Max HR: 159 (84%)

I’m glad I managed to motivate myself to do it. 😀 I feel better and stronger than I did before it.

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