Wk3 – 10k hilly Nithsdale/St Andrews Dr

Thurdsay morning and I had a 10k route planned up to Nithsdale Road, then back along it, then up St Andrews Drive and back.  Hill repeats.

My alarm was set for 6am and I managed to drag my ass out of bed and leave the flat for jsut after 6:30.  I had my running gear all ready to go, all I needed to do was get dressed and ready and have a small bite to eat before I braved the elements.  The foggy, cold, -3’C elements!!  I checked the met office app before I left and it showed the temperature… and when I got outside it felt like -3’C too!

I wore long running tights, a long sleeved warm top, a t-shirt, my flourescent jacket and my buff over my ears.  My jacket was zipped up the whole time and still, my chin and mouth were extremely cold when running.  It was cold but luckily it wasn’t icy thankfully.

The conditions were eery… very misty – you could only really see abot 20-30m in front of you.  Ideal for me running up hills because I wouldn’t be able to see the inline or top of them!!  The photo above was taken just at the bottom of Sheilds Road at the start of my run.

The climb up Sheilds Road was tough, then I turned right onto the undulating Nithsdale Road.  Which wasn’t as bad in the mist beleive it or not.  Up and down it I didn’t really notice the hills too much.  I felt strong and knew I was doing a good time.  The almost full moon was out through the fog and the streetlights and car lights cast a very strange light over the whole place.  The moon reminded me of my Granny and it made me push on stronger.   This photo was taken at the end of Nithsdale Road just before I turned back on myself.

I had my ipod on, my spin tracks, Eminem, Aha, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Flo Rida… all keeping me running strong. 😀

Running up and back along Nithsdale was good, especially in the fog, althougth running up St Andrews Drive wasn’t the best – a gradual hill for amost three quarters of a mile, then back down it.

When I got about a mile away from the end I noticed my heart rate monitor was slipping.  I need to tighten it.  And unfortunately it gave some duff readings towards the end… Max HR 252!!  :-O  It was probably more like 183 or so I think.

My pace around the route was good, and increasing  most of the time:

Not quite a PB (race 48:15, running alone 46:30) for a 10k but considering the hilly route it was a good effort.  Nice work for training for the marathon.  🙂

Run: 6.2M (10k), 49:13, Pace: 7:51, 7.6 mph, Calories: 644
Ave HR: 165 (87%) Max HR: approx 183 (96%)
340 mile challenge: 40.7 miles completed = 299.2 miles to go.

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