How to keep motivated to get out there and run!

It’s nearly the end of January, and some of you might have started exercising at the start of the year, or are coming back to it after a wee break at Christmas.  If you’ve just started, you’re now around about 20 days into your training… and by now your body will be tired and you might be wondering what it’s all about.  Or with the cold january weather, you might be finding you are lacking motivation to get out there and run.

Here are some tips to get motivated to get your bum off that couch, or out of bed in the morning if you are dreading going for a run.

The thought of exercise/a run at the end of a hard day or in the morning when you could be lying in bed is can sometimes be an awful thought.  But once you do it you feel better and it’s so worth it! 

You feel a great sense of acheivement and if you’ve run in the morning, the endorphins will last you all day.  I always feel great after an early morning run… here’s some tips to get over the hurdle of getting up out of bed, or across the door step into the great outdoors.

Morning runs

  • Lay your clothes out the night before.  Get everything you need ready to just put on when you are half asleep. (This also means you won’t be disturbing your partner/family)
  • Know the route, the distance (and the time roughly) you will be running. (You might want to leave the route up on a computer or with someone you know for safety incase you don’t come back!!)
  • Set yourself a time goal to be out by (to make sure you will be back in time to get ready for work.
  • Set a repeating alarm to make sure you get up, and a second alarm to really get you up.  Or set an alarm which is on the other side of the room, so you have to get up out of your bed to turn it off!
  • Get an early night before, aim to get 8 hours of sleep before getting up for your run.
  • If you are running any more than half an hour, eat a small breakfast to get you going (I have a half bowl of Special K normally, or you could have a banana – I’ve been known to eat a Mars bar when there was no milk in! :-O)
  • Set yourself days when you will get up early and run.  Mine are Mondays (to start my week off) and Thursdays.

General Motivation to get you out for runs/exercise

  • If you really struggle to get out for a run (excuses excuses are easily made up), get a running buddy and arrange a time to meet.  You might let be able to let yourself down, but you won’t be able to let your friend down!
  • Go running, even when your head says ‘no. Do a shorter distance than you thought of initially, walk or build it up to a run slowly.
  • Even if you don’t run, get your gear on and walk… you might decide to run once you are out and if not you’ll have got a nice destressing walk.
  • If you’re hungry and you want to eat before you run, eat a small snack to keep you going before your dinner/breakfast. (Banana/cereal)
  • If it’s cold, raining or horrible outside, just wrap up warm (waterproof) and get yourself out there, even for just 20 minutes.  You’ll feel better after it and it’ll make runs on normal days seem like a breeze!
  • Think about why you are doing this – think about your goal, where you want to be in X months time.  Do you want to lose weight? Run your best 10k ever?  You can do it and a run today will make you feel better after you do it and in the long run!

 Those are the things that usually work for me… but if they don’t and I REALLY need a lie in, then I usually make myself do the run I had planned the next morning.

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2 Responses to How to keep motivated to get out there and run!

  1. gill says:

    Your so right I love this blog well thought out x

  2. lornpearson says:

    Thanks gill x it’s just something I do to keep me going. Let me know if u fancy a run. I promise it’ll be fine / fun / good chat and get you out there. 🙂

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