Wk3 – Double Spinfit Tuesday

Tuesday night = Double Spinfit night with Helen.  She is rather funny and gets everyone going…and by the second class she’s high on endorphins and having a laugh.

Tonight was the same routine as last week and I seemed to deal with it a bit better.  I was SWEATO by the end of the first class, then a short break into the second class.  As my timex heart rate monitor is dead, I used my Garmin and got these pretty graphs out of it:

Spinfit 1: 50 mins, Ave HR: 138 (72%), Max HR: 161 (84%), Calories: approx 550.
(graph includes about an 8 minute warm up at the start before the class started)

Then there was an 8 minute recovery period, HR started at 140 went down to 98:

Then Spinfit 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 133 (70%), Max HR: 156 (82%), Calories: approx 500.

Then there was a 10 minute recovery period, HR started at 131 went down to 85:

As usual, I worked harder in the first class, and with 3 tracks to go on the second class…I really wanted it to be over, but still managed to give what I could.

All in all a great workout.  I’m glad I’m able to do this kind of stuff without feeling sore the next day and I like how I’m cross training as well as running to hopefully make my legs stronger for the marathon!

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