Wk3 – 4.3M run (early)

Monday morning of Week 3 and I’d had a crap sleep the night before… I woke just before 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and surfed the internet to take my mind off not sleeping.  I went back to bed at 5am.  But when I woke up on Monday morning I was very tired still – so I opted to miss my usual Monday morning run.

Then… at night… I got home after work… and I was coming up with the usual excuses for not going swimming:

  • my heart rate monitors battery is dead so I won’t be able to time/record the swim,
  • I’ve got a new cinema system I want to wire up,
  • my eyes feel funny from wearing my contacts etc etc…

I decided to just shut up with the excuses and decided not to do anything.  So on Monday night I stayed in.  Afterall, I had trained 6 days last week and I’m thinking if I train 6 days one week, then I should take Mondays off if I want to.

Tuesday morning, I managed to get out of bed in time for the run I was going to do on Monday morning.  4.3 miles up to Maxwell Park and back.  It’s become my comfortable route that I know and love.  And today I did a good fast run on it. 😀

I wore shorts, a long sleeved compression top, a tshirt and my buff for my ears.  It was 3’C and it was almost too cold to be wearing shorts, but it was ok.  If I’m running for any longer than 30 mins in that weather my knees start to feel sore with the cold, but today I was ok.

The morning was nice.  Nice and clear with the moon and stars out.  I took some photos with my wee camera, but with it being dark they didn’t really come out too well. 

This run is meant to be an ‘easy run’ after the long run at the weekend, but sometimes I’m tempted to push it and run as fast as I can.  And today was no exception.  I felt strong from the start, and built my speed up steadily. 

See the details below:

Running in the morning before work is brilliant… I love it…and if I could only get myself out of bed, I’d do it more!

It was actually the fastest I’ve done that route at 7:43 mins per mile, or 7.8 mph.  😀  And my heart rate was lower than on other days when I’ve run fast, but not as fast as today.

What a good start to the day / week!

Run: 4.34 miles, 33:33, Pace: 7:43, 7.8mph, 465 calories.
Ave HR:   153 (81%), Max HR: 169 (89%)
340 mile challenge: 30.5 miles completed = 309.4 miles to go.

Note the image to the left… a rather freakish looking picture of me running… it was just about the only one I took which actually resembled anything other than streaks of orange lights etc….

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