Wk2 – Monday morning run

Monday morning, Week 2 of training for the marathon.  7k on a treadmill was the plan.  It was meant to be an ‘easy’ run, so it should have been between 10 – 11 kph for me.

I met a parent of one of the kids I teach at the gym just as I was going in.  His story is quite inspirational I thought.

About a year ago he was 30 stone (about 5’7″) and visably large.  He was suddenly struck that he had to do something about his weight when his 4 year old son ran away from him and he couldn’t run after him to catch him.

He was telling me that he got a gastric band fitted, which helped him shift 12 stone and now he was on a plan to get fit and his aim was to run the mens 10k in June.

Not knowing his plans, I joked with him yesterday when he and his family seemed to spend about 2 hours at the leisure centre where I work.  I said – ‘I’ll be here up in the gym on the treadmill at 630 – see you then!’
He must have talked it over with his wife as when I was walking in at … ahem… 645 he was walking into the gym in front of me!

I hopped on the treadmill next to him and said he was late… then admitted I was late too.  His plan for his time on the treadmill today was 2 mins running and 3 minutes walking.  I remember doing that myself when I started … and I also remember getting the magical 20 minute mark.  Once I could run for 20 minutes non stop I found I could run for as long as I wanted.

It’s nice to see someone start their journey of hopefully a life of habitual exercise, rather than one without it.  Fingers crossed he sticks with it and gets results.

I ran 7k (4.3 miles) in just under 39 minutes … not ideal and I would have run it faster if I’d have done it outside.  It was hard today though.  I think it was because I was on the treadmill – who knows.

I started 1k @ 12kph, 2k @11.5kph, 3k @ 11kph, 4k @ 10.5 kph, 5k @ 10kph, 6k @ 10.5kph, 7k @ 11kph, finishing off the last 200m @ 11.5kph.

I felt it was easier to run at say 11.5kph on the treadmill before Christmas and New Year but that may be because I had resigned myself to running on the treadmill and this morning it was just annoying me.  The ground is icy outside and there’s no way I’m risking walking on it nevermind running. (The snow was ok, but ice is a whole other kettle of fish!)

It was nice to hear the guys story and I hope I maybe inspired him a bit by saying I lost 1.5 stones through running, and in 2.5 years I’ve gone from running a 5k park run to many 10ks, half marathons and a marathon in November last year!  I’m sure if he sticks at it he’ll achieve his goals.

Run: 4.3M, 38:50, 9:00, Ave HR: 168 (88%), Max HR: 182 (96%), Calories: 500

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