Wk1 – 9.15M run in the snow

Saturday morning and I had the 9 mile route all planned out.  As the weather had said, the snow came on Friday night at 6pm on the dot.  😦  So if I was to run outside on the Saturday I’d have to try my Yaktrax out.

I wasn’t going to risk injury and go out in them if I still slipped on the snow, but the Yaktrax seemed to give a good amount of grip – so after the first few hundred metres with them on in the snow, I just kept going.

I ran to where a walkway goes over the M8 and comes out at Fleurs Avenue on the South Side, then turned left up Nithsdale Road – a rather punishing hill which I thought would be good to put in the training runs for my marathon.  The more hills I do in training, the easier they’ll be in the event – fingers crossed.

My route was to be an out and back route.  Where possible I’m going to do out and back routes on long runs to mimic the marathon itself.  Run for X miles and run back and try to notice the easy parts on the way out (downhills) which will become hard parts on the way back in.  I ran to about 4.55 miles in, just past where the M77 goes over the park, then turned around and came back.

What was nice about the out and back route in the snow – is that I could see my footprints from the route out the way, which was kind of cute.  Yaktrax prints made mine different from others.

steep hill I slid down...The yaktrax were doing their job and keeping my feet from slipping and only once – going down a rather steep hill (left) did I lose traction and go slightly sideways.  It was actually quite fun, if a little scary.  It was nice to run in the snow, but it was harder work I thought than just running normally.  I was definitely slower than my usual, and my heart rate seemed higher than normal too.

I practiced with my wee camera and took lots of snap shots and videos along my run.  I’ll add some of the videos into the post:

As for hydration, I left a bottle of lucozade in the park the night before, and after an hour I stopped at the exit of Pollock Park where I’d left it.  I took a go caffeine gel and a tropical lucozade, and almost immediately after I wished I hadn’t downed the very cold lucozade.  But I was ok.

I’d done 10k in just over 57 minutes, not bad considering the snow and taking pictures along the way – and miles 5, 6 and 7 were very consistent at 9:25 per mile.  The last 3 miles were faster possibly because it was mostly downhill and because I’d had the wee water break at about 7 miles in.

Throughout the run I ran mainly on snow covered concrete, but sometimes you could feel it a little slippy.  I tried running on snow covered grass, but I found the unexpected lump and bump would appear underfoot which might lead to a sprained ankle which I don’t want!

I did notice a little twinge in my right ankle – oh no – perhaps from trying to steady my body on the uneven surface… fingers crossed that doesn’t amount to anything!  I’ll be careful about that from now on and really consider if a long run in the snow is really worth it.  If it’s snowing and I’ve just got shorter runs to do I’ll maybe just make an early trip to the gym and go on the treadmill for it.

Oh and I was very layered up for the run, two pairs of running tights, a compression top, t-shirt, long sleeved top, two buffs (for my neck and ears).  Nice n cosy.  My feet did get wet from the snow, but it wasn’t too bad.


RUN: 9.15M, 1:22:52, 9:03 min miles, 971 calories
Ave HR: 160 (84%), Max HR: 174 (92%)
Hyrdation/Energy: Lucozade & SIS Go caffeine gel

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