Wk1 – 4.25M easy run

Wednesday after work it was 3’C and following my idea of avoiding the busy gym in January myself and my friend ran 4.26M around the track at Bella Park. 15 laps I think, we kind of lost count. (plus about 1/4 mile to the track and 1/4 of a mile back.)

I forgot to take my buff so I’m afraid I was running outside for just over half an hour with no hat / buff on. 😦 = Freezing ears!!

It was a nice comfortable run and will count as an easy run for the week.

Run: 4.26M, 35:35, pace: 8:17 / 7.2mph, Calories: 459.
Ave HR: 153 (81%), Max HR: 164 (86%)

I like the elevation chart below.  😀

And what I found quite funny was my max speed: 7,199.5 mph!!

Then we went home and my ears warmed up like the way your hands used to get sore and throbbing hot after you’ve been outside in the cold without gloves on. Ouch.

It was a good run anyway. I still have a tabata workout to do this week but will do that either tomorrow night or at the weekend.

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