Final Totals for 2010…

I’ve got together the stats for 2010 and I did the following:

Cycle: 893 miles, 65 hours, burned 48,388 calories
Run: 734.8 miles, 109 hours, burned 78,186 calories
Swim: 45.4 miles, 24 hours, burned 16,282 calories
Walked: 250.5 miles, 91 hours, burned 29,324 calories
Weights: 75 hours, burned 31,111 calories
Played basketball 10 times: burned 5,530 calories (before injury scared me off it!)
Total: 1,923.7 miles,
372 hours (ave 7 hrs per week),
burned 209,311 calories (or 60lbs/4 stone!!)

Can’t beleive I was just 77 miles away from completing 2000 miles!!  Although I did have most of April and May as a break from running so I’ll blame it on that.  😀

And I just checked and direct from Glasgow to New York it’s 1,764 miles, so I’ve covered that in the last year anyway.

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