Wk1 – Tuesday Double Spinfit

I was really looking forward to Spinfit on Tuesday… I was only booked in for a single session, but luckily hardly anyone turned up so I got to do both sessions.

Helen was full of Happy New Years and glad to be in the spin of it again.  She’s such a good instructor – very motivational and funny (which helps).  Although about 30 mins into the second class, I was officially hating her!

It was hard work – and I worked harder in the first class than the second.  We got there a little early so I hopped on one of the bikes and did 15 minutes warm up (not knowing if I’d get the second class or not).

My calves were tight from the hills on Monday, and I really felt it in the second class.

Both sessions were as follows:

  1. Warm up
  2. Speed
  3. Hill
  4. Intervals
  5. Speed
  6. Strength
  7. Running
  8. Increasing Resistance / Hills
  9. Speed
  10. Hills
  11. Cool down

By the time track 8 came around in the second session, my tummy was growling, and I just wanted to finish!  I had a baked potato in the oven and was going to have chicken, spring onion & pesto mayonnaise on it. I couldn’t wait!  I had it when I got home and it was so worth the wait!!

Spinfit 1: 45 mins, Ave HR:144 (76%), Max HR: 161 (85%), Calories: 550.
Spinfit 2: 45 mins, Ave HR: 134 (71%), Max HR: 158 (83%), Calories: 524.

Pleased with the workout.

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