First nice walk of 2011

On New Years Day we had a nice day…we lay in 🙂 then got up and I prep’ed the veg for the dinner.  Then just before 4pm, we went out for a walk in Pollock Park.

It was about 2’C, but actually felt quite warm – compared to the temperatures we’ve been used to.

We walked briskly which kept us warm, and the only thing that was cold was my hands and face.

We started from the car park and walked around a loop past the cow fields.  The sun was setting and the park was lovely.  I really like Pollock Park.  🙂

It made me really want to get out and run in the park…but it will come…and before I know it I’ll be clocking up the miles as part of my marathon training so I’d better enjoy the rest I’m getting just now.

We walked for half an hour and did just over 1.6 miles.  We stopped a few times to investigate where we thought we saw ‘Stanley’ (our resident Squirrel)… and Lucy (his Girlfriend).  😉

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