Wk52 – 262 mile challenge – complete!

Tuesday morning I went to the gym at 10am when it opened. As you can see the snow has finally thawed and the weather is looking decidedly warmer (not in negative numbers) for the next week at least.



I’m thinking I’m going to get a run outside this week some time!! (instead of relying on the treadmill and gym opening times).

This morning I had 5 miles to run to complete 262 miles before the end of the year (since mid October). I decided I’d try and do the full 5 miles. But when I got on the treadmill the 8k was far from what I wanted to do.

I made the run easy, between 10.5-12kph, bit still found it quite hard after the hill session yesterday and the weights. My legs were sore and heavy, but once I got to 4k on just over 22 mins I felt ok to finish the 8k (5 miles).

I finished the 5 miles in just under 44 mins. By no means fast but I felt good to finish my challenge I set.

Run: 5M, 43:36, 500 calories
Ave HR: 162 (85%) , Max HR: 177 (93%)

After the run I recovered then went on a bike for 10 minutes. I was going to do the spin bike but it had been removed. Trial over. :-(. 10 mins on the bike = 100 cals, just over 3k.

Wednesday I give blood, and I might go for a run before it, depends what the pavements are like.

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