Wk52 – Run and weights

Monday morning after Christmas and I went to Bella gym to do a run and weights. I had 9.47 mikes to go for my 262 mile challenge so I figured I’d do 4.47 miles hill running on the treadmill as soon as I went in (7.2km).

I decided to put the speed at 7.1mph, and set the treadmill for random hills. I had my gps / heart rate on and got this heart rate graph from it:

The incline was between 2 and 7 and the hill repeats looked like this:

Run: 4.47M, 38 mins, Pace: 8:30, 500 calories.
Ave HR: 162 (85%), Max HR: 182 (96%).

After the run I went straight to the leg press, and tried out my wee video camera. If I’ve done any good videos I’ll put them on. I was wearing black so you couldn’t notice my camera, but it felt a bit strange to be wearing it.

Leg Press / Calf Press – 5×5, 220lbs/240lbs
Knee Extension – 5×5, 100lbs/110lbs
Ball Squat – 5×5, 12kg
Bench Press / Single Arm Row – 5×5/10, 16/14kg / 16kg
Bicep Curl / Tricep Kickback – 5×5, 10kg / 12kg
Shoulder Press / Bent Over Row – 5×5, 12kg / 14kg

I didn’t do any abs again, so the weights workout lasted about 45 minutes.

My calves were a bit tight after the hill run so I went on the power plate to stretch off a bit.

Felt like a good workout anyway. I might go on the bike tomorrow if it’s available, spin and run. See if I can finish off the 262 miles, or part of it. 😀

Oh and I wore my new trainers! Comfy as anything!!

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