Lorn’s Christmas 2010

Christmas Day 2010 was good.  😀  I woke up like clock work at the usual time of 6:05…and dozed until about 6:45 when I could have got up. But I managed to lie in until about 9am when we opened a few presents from our stockings.  🙂  Santa had been.

I made breakfast – a nice fry up – well I say fry up – it was all grilled and we had a poached egg too.  Very tasty.  After breakfast we got ready then one of our neighbours popped in to give us our christmas present from him.  He hung about for a bit, but I was itching to open the rest of my presents so I was glad when he finally left.  🙂

Now lets see what I got, I was very spoiled so I’ll see if I can remember it all….:  The main present I got was a Cuisineart Soup Maker & Blender – amazing…!! I’ll write more about that later – watch the video below to see one in action!!

Here’s what else I got: Easy Soups book, Adidas top, Ronhill top, 2 pairs of running socks, Slippers (black), 2 long sleeved tops, DVD box set (Lie to Me), a picture of my niece and nephews, a Veho Muvi Atom Digital Camcorder, Scarf, Hat, Running Trax Album, Asics Long Sleeved Top, Orca Long Sleeved Top, my new Saucony Paramount 3s!!, a red Long Sleeved Adidas top, Speedsocket Goggles, an umbrella, Lucozade Running Pack, some pens, a notebook, some moisturiser and a Massage (PURE luxury massage) and Pedicure for after the marathon!!

As you can see i was utterly spoiled, and luckily I spoiled her just as much.  We had a good day and at about 5pm I cooked dinner of Balmoral Chicken, Ham, Roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips with a new tasty brussel sprout/bacon/nut concoction. 😀  Oh and I nearly forgot the yorkshire puds but remembered them just in the nick of time!

And for afters I had a not as nice as usual trifle I’d made the day before.  The custard was too thick and the cream wasn’t whipping cream so I was a bit disappointed with that.  But by that time I was stuffed anyway so it didn’t really matter. 😉

Oh and here are are my new super duper trainers:

And here is my Soup Maker in action this morning… 20 minutes to make some left overs soup… Ham, Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Brussel Sprouts concoction, an Onion, Chicken Stock, left over juice from Ham….. 20 minutes later lovely soup!!  And best of all?  It’s SELF CLEANING!!! (after you use it put a small amount of cold water and fairy liquid in…. simmer it for 2 mins, then blend for 1 minute….then do the same with just water – hey presto clean as a whistle!!)

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