Wk50 – 5.1M outside run (cold!!)

This morning was the morning after the work night out and (because I wasn’t drinking) I feel fresh as a daisy. 😀

I planned on either doing a run in the gym (5 miles) or a weights workout…or even try a wee 5 mile run – outside?!  It was going to be -5’C but clear, so when I woke I took a look out and decided the outside run it was to be!

I figured if it was too icy I could just turn around and come back.

But the pavements were ok.  There were spots of ice, but the roads were so quiet (at 6:45am) I could easily run on the road if need be.

I did my old 5.1 mile route up through Pollockshields, up Pollockshaws Road, around the perimeter of Queens Park, down Victoria Road and home.

It was cold when I left, I had my running tights on, nike warm top and saucony long sleeved bright white top with the light and a hat for the first time this year. 

I don’t normally wear gloves as my hands normally warm up themselves, but today, towards the end of the run especially they were really cold. They warmed up as soon as I got in… like used to happen when you came in from the cold and put your hands over the fire… blood pumping through them.

The run was quite tough… I was going at a moderate pace and slowing sometimes to avoid or be cautious around what looked like ice, but I think it was maybe the cold that was making it hard.  Breathing in cold air.  But perhaps it was because it was my first run outside on my own for nearly a month!!  The treadmill is good in some ways, but doesn’t ever replicate running outside.

It was nice to see my laps on the Garmin site after I’d done it too…

RUN: 5.07M, 42:25, 8:15 min miles (7.3mph), 545 calories.
Ave HR: 160 (84%), MAx HR: 175 (92%)
262 mile challenge: 32.25 – 5.07 = 27.18 miles to go… looking good to complete it.

1 – 8:40
2 – 8:38
3 – 8:07
4 – 8:15
5 – 8:08
0.07 – 7:47
5.07 – 8:15

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