Veho Muvi Atom Micro Camcorder

My very generous brother Ross is giving me a Veho Muvi Atom Micro Camcorder for Christmas.  😀

My brother is always very generous at Christmas… he has furnished me with my first ever iPod (shuffle), my iPod Nano, my timex heart rate monitor and my waterproof mp3 player.   He bought me the iPods two years in a row (which I was chuffed with!) and then decided to ask me what I wanted.

This year I thought… it would be great to have a small camera which I could take on runs / cycles and use along side this blog!

The camera is the smallest high resolution camcorder in the world.  It’s 4cm by 2cm by 2cm.  It comes with a 2mb micro SD card which allows for 90 mins of footage, or you can upgrade to an 8mb card (which I might do depending on how I get on with it).

It comes with a sports kit so you can attach it to your bike or what ever, and I’m really looking forward to having a play with it.  The reviews I’ve read are mostly positive and the footage isn’t exactly HD, but it will do for what I want.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about it as time goes on and I get to use it and learn it’s features!!

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