Wk50 – Spin bike then weights

Monday night I went straight to the gym after work. The plan was to do the usual warm up run, then weights. But the new spin bike was free, so I hopped on it instead of a treadmill.

I’d already made up a spin playlist following a discussion with Helen. So I tried it out. The spin bike has a dock you can connect your iPod, then you can do your own routine to your music.

The playlist was as follows:
Take on me, A-ha
Lose yourself, Eminem
Monkey Wrench, Foo Fighters
F.E.A.R, Ian Brown
Walking on sunshine, Katrina and the waves
Propane Nightmares, Pendulum
Chocolate, Snow Patrol
Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap
Faster Kill Pussycat, Brittany Murphy
Club can’t handle me, Flo Rida
Mr Brightside, The Killers

By the end of the third track I was pretty knackered. Three fast songs. I did the sort of things we do in helens class, hills, speed, spinning, intervals, strength and recovery.

Most of the songs had a fast beat and it could have done with a slow track or two. 😀

I was on the spin bike for 45 mins and had a great workout on it.

SPIN: 45 mins, Ave HR: 145 (76%) Max HR: 170 (89%). Calories: 550.

After that I moved on to do my weights. I wanted to up the weights where possible and really push myself to lift the heaviest I could.

LEG PRESS / CALF PRESS – 5×5 – 200lbs / 220 – 240lbs
KNEE EXTENSION / HAMSTRING CURL – 5×5 – 100 – 120lbs / 100lbs
BENCH PRESS / SINGLE ARM ROW – 5×5/10 – 14 – 16kg / 16kg

I usually do an abs circuit but I decided I would leave it for another day. I didn’t do my run (4.3 miles for a Monday usually) so I’ll do that one day this week. 38 miles to go for the 262 mile challenge.

I upped the weights on the calf press, bench press and knee extension. All good.

WEIGHTS: 1 hour, 400 cals.

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