Wk49 – Snowed in

Oh my god… 5 days off it last week due to the cold… then a run on Monday morning before the snow and ice came…and now I seem to have cabin fever!!

I HATE it when I want to train and the weather stops me.  I didn’t feel so bad when I knew I could get to the gym/pool to train, but now the roads seem to be frozen over.  And last night I stayed in, instead of going to the gym.  😦

Sensible really, but I’m now itching to get to the gym!!!  It’s cold out – below 0…and the pavements and roads are all icy.  I’m hoping by tonight the roads will be cleared a bit and will check with the gym to make sure it’s open, but I think I’ll attempt it.

Bella is two miles away along a main road, so I’m sure it will be fine. The only positive thing I can think of is that it was really beautiful on the walk in today – very cold, but a nice low and clear sunrise.

UPDATE: the damn gym and all of ‘Glasgow Life’ facilities closed at 1pm due to the adverse weather conditions. 😦


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