Wk49 – Restart and recovery

So I spent most of Friday in bed, sleeping for the most part and had some very strange dreams. After all that sleep I started to feel better and backed off the paracetamol and decongestant.

On Saturday I had agreed to cover swimming teaching 8-10am…and I felt ok to do it so went along.  By the third class my throat was sore (from shouting) and I decided I would try and let this class know that I didn’t want to shout… (not that that wuold stop me – I can’t help it… ‘kick’, ‘swim’, ‘head back’. 😛

When I introduced myself to the third class of 6 ‘Pengiuns’ I asked them not to make me shout as my throat was sore.  Ha.  At the end, one of the kids called me a ‘fun teacher’.  😀  A nice compliment if ever I heard one. I do like to make learn to swim ‘fun’.

By Sunday I felt ok, but my throat was still a little sore and since I’d stopped taking the decongestant and paracetamol, I’d started bringing up the back up of phelgm etc up… yuk.

I still felt pretty dehydrated and had a bit of an upset tummy, but decided I was ok to start training again, on Monday morning.  Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat Sun off training. 😦

So Monday morning – the snow was still here…(in fact it’s just been snowing constantly and heavily from 9am to 1pm today!) and the gym was the only option again.  The idea was to be at the gym for between 630 and 645… but I didn’t get up to 620 again and was on the treadmill for 650 (again).

I decided I’d do 7k (4.3 miles – my usual Monday morning distance) at 11.5kph (7.1mph).  Not really really easy, but not pushing myself either – my intended marathon pace infact.

I felt fine, if a little bit bored on the treadmill ( :-/ ) but at least I can run and at least I didn’t feel bad.  I was tempted to push the speed up for a challenge, but decided I should definately be taking it easy!

About 20 minutes into the run I felt a bit of phelgm build up and if I’d have been outside it would have been on the pavement…I won’t say anymore about that.

RUN: 4.3M, 36:50, 8:34, 450 cals
Ave HR: 146 (77%), Max HR: 156 (82%)
262 mile challenge: 57.45 – 4.3 = 53.15 miles to go (14 miles a week)

It was about 2-3 minutes slower than when I’m running outside, but I’m wanting to try and stick with running at that pace for easy runs, so I did right.

Once again, a good start to the week.  It was hard getting out of bed, (as I’d been awake since 3am … :-/ ) but well worth it.  Gym tonight for week 2 of the weight 1 sessions – fingers crossed I can drive there!

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