Marathon hangover…

So… 24 hours have passed… I had a bit of a restless night… a little dehydrated and my hips were sore as anything – I couldn’t get comfy to sleep.   I’m walking like a cowboy too. lol.

I think I ran it too fast.  😮  I’d planned for 7.1 mph…and ended up doing it in 7.2mph… but if I’m honest with the pain I’m feeling (legs, ass, hips, calves)… I think it would be more sensible if for the next (and hopefully last) marathon in April I aim for under 4 hours… and take it slower.  (6.6 – 6.8 mph on average.

It should be easier on my body and also get me in under the 4 hour mark. The route may be hillier as the one yesterday… I really want to get my pace right for April.  I did enjoy yesterday… but the after effects are pretty harsh…. and I’m teaching swimming in 5 hours… 😮 ibuprofen may come in handy!

Lets see what hurts…

  • the outside/top of my right foot
  • my right calf
  • my left calf (not as much)
  • my right iliotibial band (and my left now to come to think of it)
  • my thighs
  • my hips (bones)….

Not bad eh?  lol. 😉

Rest is needed I think.

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