Wk46 – 4M run around Clyde Bridges

Wednesday night we went out for our usual run around the Clyde Bridges.  It was dark as usual, but the weather was worse than last week… windy and cold.  I’d worn the right stuff though, running tights, a warm under top and a long sleeved top and my buff.  Kept me nice and warm (although my hands were cold when we started off).

My garmin wasn’t playing much and only got the satelittes about 5 minutes in… never mind.  Probably just because the gps has been turned off for running on the treadmill and making those pretty heart rate graphs. 😉

It was a nice easy run and I felt ok on it after the morning run.  When we were running West along the Clyde the wind was behind us, but it meant that we had to run the last part into the wind…which wasn’t too nice.

And about 3 miles in my friend got her injury come back in her knee…it’s really annoying (for her).  We slowed down and I offered for us to cut over the Squinty but she wanted to go on along to the Millenium Bridge.  She said the pain was excrutiating so we probably should have walked or cut the run short, but I think she’s just so fed up of it! (Had it since February!)

She has her physio today so we’ll see what happens.

4M, 35:40, 8:52, 427 calories
Ave HR: 144 (76%), Max HR: 155 (82%)
262 mile challenge:  ‎102.88 – 4.07 = 98.81 miles to go!!

Better put the garmin on charge as I think I’m going to run 26.2 miles on Saturday!  Fingers crossed!

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