I’m ready for it…

9 weeks into my attempt at training for the marathon distance and I’ve decided I’m ready for it.

I’ve been building up my miles each week/weekend… 12 miles, 14, 16, 18.5, 22 and now I think its time for me to just run the 26.2 miles. Last weekend I did a shorter run (10.5 miles) mixed with a swim… ideal ‘tapering’ for a long long run on Saturday I think. I’ve only really been running this week, and tonight I’m aiming to not do weights, but do some work on the bike and a swim.

I’ve decided on my route – an out and back from Loch Lomond shores up the West side of Loch Lomond. There’s a nice wee cycle track we’ve been on before and I will run 13.1 miles, then turn around and run back.  I was thinking about running it to raise money for Children in Need, but I think I’ll keep my requests for charity until the real thing in April.   🙂

Then in December I can scale back the running and concentrate on gettnig back into my weights 1-2 times a week, swimming 1-2 times and running (up to 10 miles) 3 times a week.

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