Wk46 – 5.03M treadmill tempo run

I managed to get up a bit earlier this morning to go to the gym and I was on the treadmill for 6:45.  I was thinking I’d do between 5 and 6 miles, but ended up doing 5 as I knew I needed to be finished by about 7:30 or before (to get ready for work in time).

The treadmill is in kms, so I planned the first 2k @ 12.5kph, 2k – 6.5k @ 13.5kph…then as I was doing it I increased it a bit: 6.5k – 7.85k @ 14kph then the last 250m @ 15kph.

It was all going ok until about 6k when a man got onto the treadmill next to me – he was stinking of BO…arg.  Not nice.  I was breathing in his body odour…and man was it disgusting!

So I upped the pace slightly and tried to breathe through my mouth only, but then I was tasting it!! Yuk.

I was checking my heart rate throughout…150…up to 160…168…175….177…right up to 183 at the end… time for another graph…(my heart rate over the run)…

13.5kph = 8.4mph and I felt pretty comfortable there… although I could maybe try 14kph (8.7mph) next time – or even 15kph (9.3mph).

So today I ran my fastest 5 miles ever… at 5k it was just above 23 minutes, then when I’d finished it was 36:30! Brilliant!

Either I was pushing it like I never have before on the treadmill… or my new trainers are amazingly producing PBs!!!

Once again my trainers felt good – light, supportive and comfortable.  I’m wondering if they are maybe a little too big in the length (size 7)…but I’m pretty sure they fit just right.  I might try a 6.5 if I’m in the shop again and see how it feels.  Putting them away now anyway… not to be touched til Christmas.

5.03M, 36.31, 7:15 min miles (8.3mph), 580 calories
Ave HR: 162 (85%), Max HR: 183 (96%)
262 mile challenge: 107.91 – 5.03 = 102.88 miles to go.

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