Nearly half of UK population taking no exercise?

I stumbled across this article… which details research by Scottish Widows that states that ‘on average, people spend just 108 minutes exercising a week’… and that ‘just under half of the population abstains for any form of exercise (45%)’.  ‘Those that do exercise once or more spend nearly double the national average (3.2 hours)’.

Now…if we say that the average working week is say 40 hours a week, and sleep is 7 x 8 hours = 56 hours… that leaves around 70 hours for people to use.  Surely more exercise could be fitted in somewhere if they bothered!? (or wanted to!)

I work 44 hours a week (roughly)… sleep about 7 hours a night and exercise on average 6.3 hours per week (since the start of 2010).

I get up beofre work on some days to exercise… I do it straight after work some nights and I have at least one part of the weekend dedicated to it.  Most of my ‘fun activities’ involve exercise (ie cycling, hiking, walking, running)… and I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have exercise to do!

I don’t watch much telly (although there’s not often a day when I don’t sit in front of it), I only tend to sit in front of it at certain times and don’t tend to have to watch a specific programme.  I don’t have any dependents (ie pets or children) and I feel immensely lucky to be able to partake in all of the exercise that I do (ie I’m fit and healthy.)  🙂

(other time study statistics here: )

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