Wk45 – long run and swim

Saturday morning … I planned a shortish 6 mile run… and ended up doing a little bit more.  I was going to run from Bella on a loop de loop into Pollock Park and back out.  I ended up running to Bella, and I met my friend Jackie there.

I text her the night before and she was going to do the same route as me, so I figured we may as well run together.

I ended up running along Paisley Road West from the flat then left and down into Bellahouston Park.  2.45 miles down to Bella Leisure Centre.  I started off a bit quick, but I was comfortable, so just kept at it. The first three miles were: 7:47, 8:08, 8:38.  The weather was good … sunny intervals with the odd spot of drizzle.

We left Bella together and ran into the entrance of Pollock Park on Dumbreck Road.  The one next to the golf course.  Once again we were chatting and the miles just past by without me realising – brilliant.

The next four miles were: 9:09, 9:09, 9:31, 9:20.  then at just after 7 miles in, Jackie pulled up with a pain in her knee. She tried to keep going, but had to walk.  I was going to walk with her, but with about 2 miles to Bella, I’d be pretty cold by the end of it and I needed to go swim too.  So she urged me to go on my own.

After 7.5 miles, I put my ipod back in and ran up Corkerhill Road back to Bella.  My gf had left my swimming stuff in a locker for me at Bella, so the plan was to get the key from her, then go for a swim: swim session 8….1 mile time trial!

I got to Bella having run mile 7 and 8 in 8:50 and 8:04.  I’d done 8.5 miles by this point, and I figured after my run it would just be a 2 mile run home.  (since I didn’t have a car at Bella or a lift home – it was my only option!)

So…Swim Session 8: 2400m, 96 lengths, 47:43.
Ave HR: 138 (73%), Max HR: 157 (83%), Min HR: 101, Calories: 529.
W Up: 400m, 4 x 4, FC steady / FC pull / FC kick arms in front / FC steady. –  1:35, 1:47, 2:03, 1:47
Set 1: 1600m, 64, FC fast and strong. Time trial. – 27:15.
Rest: 400m, 8 x 2,  FC / BC kick with float. – 11:20

I swam the time trial by counting 16 lengths x 4… and nearly lost count a few times, but think I counted right.  I was trying my hardest to do the correct transition off the wall, but was finding it hard to do it all of the time.  More work required Lorn.  🙂

1 mile (64 lengths) in just over 27 minutes = about 26 seconds a length … not bad.  45 seconds faster than the last time I swam that set (17th August) and almost 2 minutes faster than the last time I swam the distance…so that seems to be progress anyway.  Chuffed with that.

After the swim it was get back into my running gear – and run back home.  Easy.  I locked my swimming gear in a locker and went back for it later.  I ran back through Bella Park…and managed to join a 10k event which was taking place in the park… oops.

The only annoying thing about doing a swim within a run is that I seem to sweat loads after a swim when I exercise.  Like I’ve not had a chance to sweat in the pool but have worked hard…and now I’m working hard again and the sweat is pouring out of me.  Very strange.

RUN: 10.58 miles, 1:30, Pace: 8:33 (7.0 mph), 1130 calories.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 171 (90%)

Hydration: 500mls gatorade during swim.  500mls protein shake after swim and run… some water.. and 500mls of water with lunch… not enough by far.

Then later on… about 7pm my head started to get sore and my nose was playing up (nasal issues… swam the full set without a nose clip…. doh!).  Lessons from this… drink at least 2 – 3 litres after swimming and use a nose clip!!

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