Wk45 – Early morning run

Last night, with the thought that I might dog another early morning run, I posted on Facebook for all to see that I was going for a run.  And I asked people to vote: yes or no if they thought I would do it or not.

The majority who replied thought I would, and I managed to drag myself out of bed for the 5 mile run up to Queens Park and back.  A few called me crazy…they don’t know what they’re missing! 😉

I managed it anyway.  I left at around ten to 7, later than I’d intended, but still enough time to do the 5 miles and back in time to get ready for work.  It was cold, at most 0’C but I’d wrapped up warm, fully covered and felt fine throughout the run.

There was no aim with the run, other than to run it and after about a mile in I started thinking about things…about possible aches and pains and if it was hard or not.

So I decided I’d try the counting method Paula Radcliffe apparently uses… count to a hundred and repeat.  It apparently clouds out any other thoughts you might have and makes the run easier.

I started counting every breath and realised something I didn’t notice before: that my breathing is actually quite controlled and slow when I’m running.  And I have to say, the counting method worked!  Sure I had to stop counting when I had to (think and) cross roads, and I lost count a few times, but it definately made the run easier.

The only thing that it would prevent is the good thoughts you have sometimes when you’re running and thinking over your day or whatever.  It’ll be useful in some cases.

I wasn’t worried about speed or time, but was pleased when I finished in a little under 42 minutes. 42:30 is my usual for that route, so it was nice to see I’d run faster without even thinking about it.

It ended up 5.24 miles at 7:53 pace.  And I felt great after it.

RUN: 5.24M, 41:17, Pace: 7:53, 565 calories.
Ave HR: 159 (84%), Max HR: 176 (93%)
Mile paces: 1: 7:41, 2: 8:09, 3: 8:12, 4: 7:59, 5: 7:58, 6: 7:29
262 mile challenge: 132.15 – 5.24 = 126.91

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