New trainers? – Saucony Progrid Paramount 3

I’ve asked Santa for a new pair of trainers… by Christmas I’ll have had my current Saucony Progrid Guides (2) for 9 months…and I’m figuring I’ll need a new pair to train for the marathon.

The Saucony Guides I run in just now are a stability shoe and provide support for long training runs… I’ve been running in them for the last 2 years or so (2 pairs)… but now they are going out of season and the Saucony Guide 3 (rrp £80) is replacing them.

I popped along to Run 4 it at Tiso the other day just to see what they had and lucky for me the nice manager Dougie was there.  He did my gait test with me originally and sold me my Guides.  Since then I’ve always run in Sauconys.

I got chatting to him on Saturday and tried on the Guide 3s, but also asked which other trainers might suit.  He showed me a really nice pair of Saucony Progrid Paramount’s which I tried on.  Very comfortable and supportive, but I’d need a size 7.  Out of the Guide (3) and the Paramount, I definately like the Paramount better…problem is… the rrp is £135!! :-O

Aparrently they have a ‘Flexion Plate ‘ in them which sort of pushes you forward after your heel strikes… ‘ideal for running marathons as it improves your heel to toe transition’… ??!!  I have doubts about that, but they certainly felt good on.

I’m not getting the trainers yet, but I’m quite good with Dougie, so he says he might be able to price match with an online price if I can find one.  So far I’ve found them with a 20% discount down to £108.  I’ll phone him and see what he can do I think.  It’s still a lot to be paying for trainers!!  (I think I’ll be helping Santa out (££) if I want these ones!!)

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