Wk44 – Swim Session 5

Wednesday after work I went straight to Bella and was in the pool for about 6pm.  The lanes seemed to be a bit busy so I opted to swim next to the fast lane, right in the middle of the pool.  The pool was a little quieter than normal possibly to do with the dark nights and the cold, wet weather.  Less kids than normal in the main pool.

I noticed a couple of the kids I teach in practicing with their mum.  Nice to see. 

Anyway, it was the turn of swim session 5… a whole lot of repeats of 100ms and lucky for me I only got stopped one or two times by kids (or adults) in my way.  I seemed to be ‘holding the line’ well in the pool and most seemed to avoid me.  Just how I like it.

As my watch only allows for 30 laps I didn’t include any rest between the 100ms, but I tended to just stop and start again with no rest anyway.

Swim Session 5, 2,200m, 44:49, 503 calories.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR 158 (83%)
400m, 4 x 4, FC steady, FC kick, FC fast, FC pull
– 1:48, 2:08, 1:44, 1:55 (30)
400m, 8 x 2, FC kick / BC kick by 50m – 10:33 (17)
10 x 4 ,FC – sprint 25m, steady 75m.
1:37, 1:45, 1:46, 1:45, 1:44, 1:44, 1:41, 1:43, 1:44, 1:44 (26)
300m, 3 x 4, FC distance per stroke. (17 – 19 arm pulls)
1:42, 1:45, 1:45
100m, 4, BC kick swim down – 2:49.

I felt strong throughout the set and swam very consistently through out the 10 repeats of 100m.  And I bet my time of the last time I did the set by 30 seconds (including about 50 seconds extra rest this time!)

On average I swam the 10 x 100m around 7 seconds faster for each one…. not bad eh?

Hydration: it worked.  I had a bottle of caffiene boost lucozade before the swim, then a lucozade lite during and after the swim.  Then a pint of protien shake and a pint of water which seemed to sort my body out ok and prevent any dehydration.  I was still a little hot this morning, but not too bad.

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