Wk44 – 4.3M Maxwell Park

Monday morning and I managed to get myself out of bed to go on my Monday morning Maxwell Park run.  I left at about 10 to 7, and with the clocks going back, it was much lighter than it has been.. I guess that will change within a few weeks.  Not looking forward to tonight when it’ll be dark earlier… :-/

Anyway, as I started it was just going from dark to light and I felt good about going for my run. 

After I was about 5 minutes in I realised I was runnign quite strongly and continued to feel good.  It was cold (3’C) and I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, my white long sleeved t-shirt and my buff for my ears.  And I’m afraid to say I think it’s about time for the tights to be coming out.  Throughout the run I warmed up well, but my legs (knees in particular) were cold and feeling the effects of it.

I still managed to run a good run, increasing my speed on each mile and managing just under 8 minute miles for 4.3 miles.  Paces were as follows: 8:28, 8:09, 8:00, 7:42, 6:52.

It struck me with the morning being lighter I wouldn’t see Mr Fox on my route for a while again…. 😦

RUN: 4.3 miles, 34:09, 7:58, Calorie: 460
Ave HR:  154 (81%) Max HR: 172 (91%)
262 mile challenge: 157.8 – 4.3 = 153.5 miles to go.

Oh and I did Week 1, Day 3 of the 100 push ups last night:
8, 10, 7, 7, 10 = 42.

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