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Wk42 – Weight

Forgot to post this on Wednesday: 9st 5, BMI: 21.1, Body fat: 22.5%, Body water: 56.5% Blood Pressure: 105/67, Resting HR: 47. 😀

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Wk42 – Run, Weights, Cycle, no Swim (forgot swim costume)

So… tonight I got my haircut after work… my old hairdresser is back after a year off for having a baby.  So I took the opportunity to go for a bit of a change … shorter and choppy I asked … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 6.2M Tempo (Nithsdale)

Thursday morning and I managed to drag myself out of bed to get out for about 6:40am.  As usual, it was dark but not as cold as it had been on previous mornings (apparently the wind is coming from the … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4M easy run in the cold rain (Wed)

Wednesday night after work I went for a run with my friend, around the bridges of the Clyde again. It was spitting (cold rain) as I walked home and by the time we got out at 17:40 it had started to … Continue reading

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Wk42 – Spinfit (Tues)

Tuesday night was spinfit x 2… as usual Helen was crazy (especially by the second class)…think the endorphins hit us after about 30-40 mins. It was a hard workout…but Helen managed to make me laugh so much at one point … Continue reading

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Weights or no weights?

From about June to the end of August I was doing well with my weights/resistance work.  I’d set myself up with an all body workout which took about 45 min to an hour which worked on oppostite muscle groups in … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4.3M Maxwell Park easy (Monday)

Monday morning it was my nice easy 4.3 mile run up to Maxwell Park and back.  I was out the door for about 6:45.  It was dark when I left, and dark when I came back now that I come … Continue reading

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Christmas come early…! (and with a 15% discount)

Ho ho ho.  Santa Claus took me shopping on Friday night after work to Cotswold Outdoor in the west end.  We were going to ‘look’ at walking boots for me, and nice warm (and hopefully waterproof) trousers to keep Santa … Continue reading

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Wk41 – 16.5M long run (longest yet!)

On Saturday morning I agreed to teach swimming for a nice short two hours from 8-10 then I met my good running buddy Jackie just after. My plan was to runaround 16 miles , running about 8 with Jackie and … Continue reading

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Wk41 – 5.1M run Queens Park attempt at tempo run

This morning I managed to drag myself out of bed to go for a 5 mile run up to Queens Park and back.  A nice route I’ve been doing for a while now…slightly up hill for 2.5 miles, then downhill … Continue reading

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