Wk43 – long run…12 miles

Saturday morning… I wasn’t sure how far I’d go – anywhere from 6 miles upwards, just how ever far I fancied.

I helped my brother at Ikea from 9am, then started my run just before 10.  Starting from Ikea I ran west along the cycle path behind Braehead and along to Renfrew.  I ran 4 miles before turning back.  My pace was fine, no pressure, but I noticed I was running around 8:30, just under it for most miles.  Excellent.

It was a pleasant sunny day, a little cold, but I had an under layer on which kept me warm and my buff which I put on when I felt the wind (chill) on my ears.  I took it off for most of the run.

After about 7 miles I decided I needed a wee pick me up. Ideally I would have had a drink too…and I had thought it would be a good idea to leave a lucozade at Ikea so I could hydrate part way through the run.  I really should have done… but never mind. I’ll know for next time.  I had some sports beans to keep the carb level up after about an hour.

I figured it was about 3-4 miles home from Ikea… and it was…so I did 12 miles in total.  It was a little odd running on my own for that distance and I realised how easy running with someone else makes it.  Chatting so much before you know it you’ve done 9 miles…

Anyway, the run was good.  I got home and drank lots of water and took a protein shake, but later (about 6pm) I had a sore head.  I’d eaten lunch, but perhaps I should have eaten more and drunk some more on the run to keep the dehydration away.

RUN: 12M, 1:39:42, 8:17 min/miles, Calories: 1,285.
Ave HR: 157 (83%), Max HR: 168 (88%).
262 mile challenge:  169.8 – 12 = 157.8 miles to go…

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