Wk43 – 4M easy run in pouring rain

Wednesday night… and it was exactly the same as last week as I was walking home… spitting rain… then raining heavily when we got out for our run!  Only this week… when we were running – the rain was teaming down!!

I learned from last week and wore a jacket this time…  not that it helped… it’s windproof…but not waterproof, so by the end of the 4 mile run I was soaked through. (Pic of me after the run…)

It was proper rain when we left… raining at a 45 degree angle.  Luckily at the start it was behind us, and 5 minutes in we were thinking we should really stop trying to avoid the puddles and just get stuck in.  We got a little shelter under the Kingston Bridge, but kept ploughing on.

We left 10 minutes later than last week, and it was a lot darker than last week. Dark from about 5 or 10 minutes in.   Hence the reflective bits… and I even had a little torch with me.  We seemed to start quite quickly (because of the rain) and managed the same pace as last week: 8:46 minute miles.

Surprisingly my HR  was much higher this week…(last week Ave HR: 142 (78%), Max HR: 153 (81%)…for the same distance, same route, same time, same pace!!) – how very odd…!!

It was fun anyway… my feet were absolutely soaked through as was everything else!

RUN: 4M, 35:34, Pace: 8:46, Calories: 434.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 184 (97%)

Wk43 – 4M Saltmarket to Millenium Bridge (ii)
262 mile challenge:  180.96 – 4.06 = 176.9 miles to go

Oh – and I dogged swimming again! :-O  shocking I know.

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